Products Pin Points Slider (Magento Extensions)

Main Features – prime

  • Easy to installations and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • User can add or take away jquery library from the admin aspect configuration.
  • User Can simply add Banner & set product pin level on the banner.
  • User can set banner identify, Banner Order for the slider, slider settings.
  • User can set Pins level for the product ID assigning on entrance aspect.
  • User can create multi-pal sliders with auto created keys of the slider.
  • User can set slider anyplace like add in CMS or any .PHTML information.
  • User can set slider in residence web page by way of XML as properly.
  • User can set slider within the class web page by way of admin class part & assign as a CMS block.

AutoThumbs VR – Automatic Thumbnails for Vertical Rhythm (Images and Media)

Automatic Thumbnails with a Single CSS Class

Support for Vertical Rhythm & Thumbnail Orientation

128 Demo Layouts of four×three and 16×9 Thumbnails

AutoThumbs VR routinely generates thumbnails with a peak relative to their width in line with a specified facet ratio and thumbnail orientation. It offers three choices for thumbnail orientation – default (sq.), panorama and portrait, and helps vertical rhythm (VR). To create a thumbnail use class .autothumb by itself for a sq. or nearest sq. for VR <div class="autothumb col-sm-three"></div>, or mix it with .panorama for panorama orientation <div class="autothumb panorama col-sm-three"></div> or .portrait for portrait orientation <div class="autothumb portrait col-sm-three"></div>. Add pictures utilizing a css class with a background-picture property pointing to your picture, eg. .img background-picture: url(../img/img.jpg);. Check out the demo information for examples utilizing Bootstrap four as a grid system. Continue reading “AutoThumbs VR – Automatic Thumbnails for Vertical Rhythm (Images and Media)”